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We like person to person contact like anyone else. But, when it comes to business, time is essential.

If we can avoid a call or text and find the answer with just a mouse-click, then that is time and aggravation saved.

Take advantage of the apps and websites some of the companies have created. Through them you can create an account and manage most of your account.

The days of visiting a body shop for an estimate after an accident are drawing to an end. Insurance companies used to tell you to get two or three estimates, and they’d pay the best one directly. Insurers have contracted with body shops to charge a set price for each part or service to control costs. We recommend that you contact your assigned claims representative to determine which shop near you will examine your vehicle and do the work. It doesn’t mean you can’t still attempt to get an estimate, but few shops will bother since the job has to be approved first.

This push toward contracted shops doesn’t mean you must have their approved shop do the work, but it may limit how much they are willing to pay for the one of your choice.