Client Resources
If you are an existing client of InsureSource Agencies, you can check here to answer many of your questions before calling the agency.

InsureSource Clients Only

A lot of questions can be answered by looking here.


We like person to person contact like anyone else. But, when it comes to business, time is essential.

If we can avoid a call or text and find the answer with just a mouse-click, then that is time and aggravation saved.

Take advantage of the apps and websites some of the companies have created. Through them you can create an account and manage most of your account.

If you are a client of InsureSource but don’t know the insurance company’s name, the best way to find your insurer is to look on your identification card. There you will find your carrier’s name and the phone number to the claims department or customer service. Or, you can look at this list of companies and visit the website or call the phone number. You will need your policy number, which, again, appears on your insurance ID card. If all that fails, text us at 503-693-2852, and we can look up your policy number. We’ll text it back. Then, click here to find which company you have and follow the link to their website. You might want to download the app on your phone. That way you’ll always know which company insures you.