Client Resources
If you are an existing client of InsureSource Agencies, you can check here to answer many of your questions before calling the agency.

InsureSource Clients Only

A lot of questions can be answered by looking here.


We like person to person contact like anyone else. But, when it comes to business, time is essential.

If we can avoid a call or text and find the answer with just a mouse-click, then that is time and aggravation saved.

Take advantage of the apps and websites some of the companies have created. Through them you can create an account and manage most of your account.

Once a policy is active, you may need to make changes. Some companies allow you to make changes at their website. Click here to visit your insurer’s online page, log into your account, and see what changes, if any, you can make. Be very careful with making your own changes. If you are sure you know what you are doing, execute those changes at will. If you have any doubt about how the changes might affect future claim payouts, please text us at 503-693-2852 or email us at contact (at) insuresource (dot) com.

When making a change on the app, at the website, or when you call, email, or text us, please be ready with the following:

Address change (have the complete and correct house or building number, apartment number, and zip code)
Email address (double-check the spelling, dots, and @)
Phone number (cell phones numbers are best for texting)
Vehicle (must have the year, make, model, and correct vehicle identification number VIN)
Driver (complete name, date of birth, and driver’s license number)
Limits or deductibles (we don’t recommend that you make these changes yourself. Let us help you with these, please.)
Lienholder (full name and insurance document mailing address)
Payment due date (Progressive is the only carrier that allows you to change the due date)