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We like person to person contact like anyone else. But, when it comes to business, time is essential.

If we can avoid a call or text and find the answer with just a mouse-click, then that is time and aggravation saved.

Take advantage of the apps and websites some of the companies have created. Through them you can create an account and manage most of your account.

An insurance identification card usually comes in the mail attached to or inserted behind the declaration page if you requested the paper option. If you opted for paperless when you first started your policy, you should have received an electronic form of your policy declaration page and an insurance identification card. This option allows you to print the car to keep in your car or wallet. Another option you always have is to open the app on your phone to show it to a police officer during a traffic stop or claimant at an accident scene. You can visit the company website or download the app by clicking here.