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Quality of Service

Price is always the most important consideration when shopping for insurance. Service during the policy and after a claim should also be considered. You get what you pay for.


Insurance companies come and go in Oregon. We stick with the companies that have remained stable for a long time.

Automation and ease of use is a huge consideration. These companies are some of the most technologically advanced making it easier to do business.

Kemper Specialty is a subsidiary of Kemper Auto, even though they share the same name and logo. Be careful not to confuse the two. We’ll provide the correct link and phone number below. They specialize in non-standard personal auto insurance and non-owner policies. Drivers with less than perfect records are welcome. If you don’t have a valid Oregon license or are a foreign driver, they are happy to offer you a policy. Drivers needing an SR22 get a discount. Yes, you heard that right.

Login to your Kemper Specialty online account to make a payment:

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Please note, Kemper Specialty does not have an app to download to your phone. Do not download the Kemper Auto app. That is the app for the parent company. It’s confusing because they share the same logo and name. If you are insured by Kemper Specialty, which also goes by the name Alpha Property and Casualty, you will be frustrated if you download the app and try to log on. They are working on a separate app that hopefully will be available sometime in 2022.

Or call Kemper Specialty at 1-888-342-6595