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Price is always the most important consideration when shopping for insurance. Service during the policy and after a claim should also be considered. You get what you pay for.


Insurance companies come and go in Oregon. We stick with the companies that have remained stable for a long time.

Automation and ease of use is a huge consideration. These companies are some of the most technologically advanced making it easier to do business.

Progressive insurance is a nationally recognized brand. You see their commercials everywhere. They have grown exponentially in the last few years by being competitive and using innovative artificial intelligence technology to determine the price to charge for each risk. They pioneered the use of credit to determine rates. The company started by insuring drivers with a few tickets or accidents. They still do. However, the focus has shifted the last decade or so to a more preferred customer with good credit and an excellent driving record. The company can now boast of being the number two biggest personal auto insurance company. They are number one in the nation for commercial auto insurance. Progressive also offers insurance for homes, renters, motorcycles, boats, golf carts, motor homes, travel trailers, snowmobiles, and personal watercraft. Please don’t confuse Progressive sold through agents with Progressive Direct. They are separate entities with a completely different rate structure. Please call us today for a free Progressive Agent quote or complete the online quote request. We don’t sell your personal data. It stays right here with us, and we won’t pester you after the quote. Promise.

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