What's New in Oregon
We try to stay in touch with the latest insurance related developments happening in Oregon. What happens in Salem can affect all of us from the price of gasoline to how much it will cost to drive on our freeways. Insurance related laws and orders are considered and passed constantly that will affect how much you or your insurance company will pay and the limit you will receive after an accident. The companies are constantly inventing ways adjust how they charge based on the analysis of data they collect on you, your car and all drivers. We just want you to be informed so you can make the right decision.

That’s not true. Some auto insurance companies have taken a hard stance against distracted driving. The auto insurance company sees improper use of a phone while driving, usually falling under the distracted driving category, as a serious offense. Most assign a major violation charge to this type of infraction. You could expect the insurer to raise your rates by as much as 25% if convicted of a cell phone ticket.

The best way to avoid such a major violation is not to use any device while driving. Imagine what driving was like before the invention of smartphones. People usually made it just fine to their destination. If a car broke down on a highway, a payphone was nearby, or someone was willing to get help. That’s when a portable phone today would be handy. At least you stopped and can’t harm yourself or others because of talking or texting and driving.

The following best way to not get a distracted driving ticket is to use a hands-free device. Most new cars have Bluetooth technology built into the car, where you can talk out loud to a hidden microphone and listen to the caller through the stereo speakers. Answering and hanging up on a call is as simple as pressing a button somewhere on your steering wheel.