What's New in Oregon
We try to stay in touch with the latest insurance related developments happening in Oregon. What happens in Salem can affect all of us from the price of gasoline to how much it will cost to drive on our freeways. Insurance related laws and orders are considered and passed constantly that will affect how much you or your insurance company will pay and the limit you will receive after an accident. The companies are constantly inventing ways to adjust how they charge based on the analysis of data they collect on you, your car and all drivers. We just want you to be informed so you can make the right decision.

As part of our auto policy, Oregon requires that we purchase insurance to cover ourselves in case someone hits us who doesn’t have insurance. But why? If it’s the law, every car on the street should have insurance. “I’m paying for what someone else should buy? That doesn’t seem fair.”

People still drive without insurance as strong as our laws are, even with severe penalties for disobeying them. The threat of a fine and impoundment of the automobile isn’t significant enough to get people to stop driving uncovered. Estimates vary, but owners operate about 30% of the cars you see on the highway without insurance. What’s worse, if you are involved in an accident, the drivers of that 30% are likely to take off if their car is still drivable, leaving you in a hit-and-run situation.

Luckily, the language of the auto policy provides for payment to hospitals and doctors if you receive injuries because of a hit-and-run driver.

You can also purchase an optional endorsement that covers your car against uninsured drivers as well. It’s cheap, and we highly recommend it.