What's New in Oregon
We try to stay in touch with the latest insurance related developments happening in Oregon. What happens in Salem can affect all of us from the price of gasoline to how much it will cost to drive on our freeways. Insurance related laws and orders are considered and passed constantly that will affect how much you or your insurance company will pay and the limit you will receive after an accident. The companies are constantly inventing ways to adjust how they charge based on the analysis of data they collect on you, your car and all drivers. We just want you to be informed so you can make the right decision.

If you crash your car and don’t have backup transportation, you need rental reimbursement coverage. Not every company offers it; you’ll need to ask your agent. If someone else hits your car, the other insurance company will allow the cost to rent a car while yours is being fixed or replaced if totaled.

Suppose the other party has no insurance. If you have purchased the optional Uninsured Motorist Property Damage coverage, your company will pay for a rental car the same as though the other driver had insurance. To be sure you have enough to cover a rental, you should still buy the Rental Reimbursement option if available.

If your car is drivable and the body shop will take longer than 30 days to fix it, consider waiting until the parts are in and they have time. Rental Reimbursement usually has a 30-day limit.