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We offer the following types of insurance policies:

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Motor Home and Travel Trailer

Boat and Personal Watercraft

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We offer several insurance options for watercraft. To get a quote, we need:

1. Full name of boat operator(s)
2. Date of birth of boat operator(s)
3. Driver’s license number of boat operator(s) if available
4. Year, make, model, length, and stated value of boat(s)
5. Boat’s construction material.
6. Hull number(s)
7. Type of motor(s) (inboard/outdrive, outboard, etc.) and horsepower
8. Year, make, model, serial number, and value of boat trailer.

 Boat insurance quote from InsureSourceIf it would be easier, you complete this form online to request a quote. We won’t give or sell your personal data to anyone. We are the agent and will only use this information to quote your boat insurance. We won’t bug you if you don’t buy. Promise.

These items will give us what we need to ensure an accurate quote. Many boat owners argue about the need to provide a driver’s license number. What does operating a boat have to do with driving a car? A driving record on land reflects how the operator will handle watercraft. You can be cited for operating recklessly or under the influence, just as if you were driving a car.

Boat insurance is a lot like auto insurance. You are responsible for the damage or injury you may cause to others. It offers liability insurance to cover piers, boats, and other structures as well as injury to swimmers, occupants of other boats, or pedestrians. Watercraft insurance also covers the hull, motor(s), attached equipment, personal items, and trailer(s). Passenger medical coverage is available. Talk to us about the various optional coverages we have available for watercraft insurance.