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Motorcycle insurance quote from InsureSourceThe one big difference in Oregon between a motorcycle and an auto insurance policy is the medical coverage for the driver and passengers. Car insurance policies require the company to cover drivers, passengers, and members of the policyholder’s household to be protected against medical claims related to an automobile accident. Medical is not mandatory under a motorcycle policy. It is an option that can be purchased but at a relatively high price.

Why is medical so expensive on a motorcycle policy? Because the driver and passengers don’t have the protection of a car’s steel frame. Other motorists don’t see motorcyclists as readily as other vehicles on the road. A cyclist is a lot more likely to sustain severe injuries in a crash than any other motorist. Often, motorcycle riders rely on their regular health insurance to pay for medical claims following a motorcycle accident and reject the optional coverage available through their motorcycle insurance policy. Of course, if the car driver is at-fault, then the auto insurer would pay the rider’s medical expenses.

To get a motorcycle quote, be prepared to give us the following data when you call.

1. Full name
2. Date of birth
3. Driver’s license number
4. Year, make, model, cc’s, and value of the motorcycle
5. Vehicle identification number.

We’ll ask questions about where the bike is stored when not in use, whether the driver has a motorcycle endorsement, and if the cycle has been modified. You can purchase the mandatory Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability coverages and optional physical damage insurance to cover the bike. We offer additional limits for helmets, riding gear, and motorcycle accessories. Other similar off-road vehicles include all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), golf carts, Segways, and mopeds.

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