Your local insurance agent does a lot more than you might expect. We are paid a percentage commission by the insurance company set by contract. But, we also understand that if we are to attract and retain clients, we must provide the best service we can. These are the services we provide to you.

A journey does not begin with the first step. No, it starts with preparation and planning. If you want an insurance policy, you can start calling around to get quotes. You will quickly learn that we agents ask questions. If you aren’t prepared with the answers, we can’t get very far in the conversation. Here’s what we need to start the quote journey:

1. Full name of all the drivers in the household.
2. Dates of birth of all drivers in the household.
3. Driver’s license number of all drivers in the household.
4. Correct physical and mailing address (if different).
5. Vehicle identification numbers for all cars to be quoted.

begin your journey with accurate quoteWe’ll have additional questions to complete the application once the quote is accepted. Also, please have your debit card and/or checking routing and account numbers handy. We will set you up on automatic payments if you cannot pay the six- or twelve-month policy in full. An email address will allow us to send you the electronic application for signature and notifications as the policy progresses. We’ll recommend that you download the company-specific app for your phone’s platform so you can make changes to your policy, check the status of your account, view coverages, and download your identification card. If you finance your car, we will require the name and mailing address of your lienholder or finance company.

Now you may take the first step of your journey and call us or complete our private, secure online quote request form. We don’t sell or give away your personal data. It’s for our use only in quoting the companies we represent. Some online companies promise to offer you the best rate. Most of the time, they are not an agent. You complete the form, and they sell it to twenty other agents or insurance companies. That’s not the way we operate. Promise.

Let us take the insurance journey with you.

The journey begins with a quote. We will gather only the information we need to give you an accurate quote and nothing more.
Life changes constantly. Your insurance policy can too. Depending on the company, you can make changes yourself online or on an app on your phone, or you can call, text, or email us the changes.
A binder is a temporary policy. Sometimes a lender or dealer will want immediate proof of coverage beyond the ID card you carry in your wallet or car. We'll email them a binder anytime upon your request.
Claims Assistance
We'll help you through the process after you have had an accident or loss. Your ID card has the claims phone number, but you can call or text us from the road or as soon as it's safe if you are unsure what to do next.